Hi fellow Gunners! This blog is about one of the best football teams out there, Arsenal ! These guys have won thirteen First Division and Premier League titles, ten FA Cups and in 2005–06 became the first London club to reach the UEFA Champions League final. Arsenal are known the world over for their scintillating football. Even fans of other clubs concede that it’s a pleasure to watch them play!

Yes, for all of you Premier League watchers who’re tired of the long-ball & head-ball approaches (let’s see how much time we can keep the ball in the air! Fun!) of many of the Premiership clubs, Arsenal provides the perfect respite! They play football the way it’s meant to be played, with the feet. Godspeed runs, precise passes, stunning strikes, dogged defending; Arsenal fans have seen it all. Did you know that Arsenal are also the team with the least amount of fouls? Fairplay is an integral part of the Arsenal football ethic. None of the flashy dives for Arsenal; they prefer to stay on their feet. And this is despite having a larger proportion of Continental players who are reportedly more prone to diving fits.

Arsenal is football personified; Arsenal signifies class; Arsenal is the cosmopolitan club. Watch a few of the games and be converted. Watch all of the games and convert others!

Once a Gunner, always a Gunner…


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  1. Yes, I do like to play and watch soccer, but following a team is something I can’t even think of.

    Whenever you start writing on some other topics. lemme know. I would surely read them.

    I read the “About Us” stuff though, and it was quite informative I must say.

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