Puerta, RIP

One of the reasons we admire footballers is their sheer physicality, their feats of athleticism; that’s the reason we secretly imagine ourselves at play when we see them battle it out on the field.  All the more shocking then, when they prematurely depart the field of play. It’s the Ultimate Red Card in a way; no appeals, the ref doesn’t get fired afterward. We’d prefer them to retire and live their life, to entertain us even after they stop playing, and one day, to disappear quietly into the hereafter. Cue testimonials and hushed reverence.

Antonio Puerta, however, did not have that fortune. He passed away today, apparently from complications due to a heart attack. He had collapsed during Sevilla’s match with Getafe, one they won 4-0. His teammates will hopefully regard that match as a testament to his memory. He had joined Sevilla as a boy, and had stayed 14 years with them, the last three years as a first-team player. He, then, left the field in the Sevilla colors, as he had once taken his first nervous steps on it.

Rest in peace, Antonio. Do tell us if they play football in heaven.


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