Et tu, Henry?

Pumped about tomorrow’s La Liga? One of the most dramatic chases ever; tomorrow’s trio of matches will decide who among the three will get the title. Real Madrid are favorites, needing to exceed or equal Barca; Barca must exceed Real Madrid to win; and Sevilla will be hoping to win while plumping for Real and Barca to lose. A win for Sevilla with draws for Real and Barca would still give Real the win, on head-to-head, I think. If Real do get the title, they have to do a lap for Barca because Barca gave them the title with lousy play. They looked to be cruising to their third title but crashed and burned horribly. Losing the Copa del Rey after being thrashed 5-0 by Getafe didn’t help either.

Speaking of Barca, the Henry saga rolls on. Apparently the French daily L’Equipe got an inside on a supposed deal between Wenger and Barca, either to sell Henry, or an Henry-Eto’o swap. Both could be on the cards, given that Eto’o isn’t happy at Barca. So what happened to my boasting that Henry couldn’t go? Well, it seems that there’s more to the story than was being let out. I’m not yet rolling out the farewells but chances do seem higher this time around. Of course, nothing’s over till Lampard sings.

As expected, Henry’s dithering is drawing a lot of flak on sport blogs far and wide. To me, he has been a major contributor to Arsenal’s success, and I do appreciate his goals over the years. Condemning him in case of a move to Barca would be churlish, as would calling him a has-been. He still has some football left in him, and he can still be dangerous. However, I didn’t appreciate his dishonesty; if a deal was on, he should have come out clear; a sudden appearance in the Grove clutching his ticket to Barcelona would not endear him any further to Arsenal. I doubt he wants to leave a club which gave him his superstar status so casually.

Va va voom?


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