‘Henry goes to Barcelona’ title goes here

No, I’m not going to talk about Henry much, despite the title. Much ado has been made about his dogged refusal to make a concrete denial of his move to Barcelona being touted around half of Europe. Barcelona to me seems to be a team in tatters. A team that can drop the league as easily, can’t be said to have the best prospects for Henry to end his career with. Even if Madrid were to be thumped by Mallorca( I think) and Barcelona have Gimnastic for dinner, giving them the title, it hasn’t been the Barcelona of yesteryears. To me it looks like a club rife with rampant egos, scattered minds and a lack of cohesion. Can’t see what he would contribute. Eto’o will stay, as will Messi. Ronaldinho will move, leaving them without their chief, albeit unreliable, midfield maestro. Where will Henry get his supply from? All he’s doing is increasing Le Boss’s wrinkles. So while he’s being noncommittal at the wedding vow renewal, let’s turn our attention away from this media circus and let the Spanish media choke on their recycled trash.

The transfer market is relatively quiet, with Newcastle snapping up Viduka and doubling in size; Boro meanwhile have got Tucay Sanli from Fenerbahce. And Malouda has been tagged with a 17m pound fee by Lyon. That’s easily too much for an average player, but I can’t see Arsenal having many choices in terms of cheap experienced players, unless Wenger pulls a winger out of his hat. Not that he wears one. Ah well. Will we see Malouda prancing around in the Grove? Can’t say.

Not much going around elsewhere. Man City are in trouble after the proposed takeover by Thaksin fell like a tackled Robben. Serves them right for dealing with a person whose financial fortunes were hanging by a thread, his morality be damned. And damned be the media who churn the Henry soup in hopes of finding les croutons.

What was that line about too many cooks?


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