Running out of good titles here as yet another day of season transfers ends. No big news on the transfer front after this week’s flurry of signings. In Arsenal news, it seems somebody saw Arsene on a flight to Sardinia, no doubt scouting the Next Big Thing ( or the Next Little Thing) to wear the Arsenal shirt and guide us to victory. Or maybe just a vacation. Arseblog maintains it’s the cheese. Here’s some info on Sardinia. Yes, you’re welcome. And here you thought you’d never learn anything by browsing soccer blogs. ( Man, I feel like the paparazzi with this post.)

Another transfer is that of Aliadiere to Boro, which starts the inevitable exodus of second-teamers from the Grove. He’s had good times and bad times here, but never really justified his place as a first-team player though Henry’s and RVP’s absences were a great opportunity to do that. He’ll get far more first team football there, so best of luck to him.

Also, Graham Poll who can’t count his cards but was otherwise a solid referee, hit out at the Premiership managers and players. He also accused the FA of being coquettish towards the players, and added that FA stood for “Fawners’ Association”. Can’t argue with him too much, although the FA’s discipline has been alternately Spartan and Caribbean this time around.  I do feel that players need to get more accountable, and that there need to be rules which prohibit players from venting, or just plain intimidating, the referee. Maybe they should recruit referees from Big Brother and American Idol. They’d probably have thicker skin.



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