Offseason rumblings

It’s the start to the monsoons and thunder here in Mumbai but you can hear the rumblings over at Arsenal. Henry said that he is an Arsenal player “for now”. Barca seems to have been hanging on those two words, as it resulted in a virtual explosion of headlines. “Henry frustrated with Arsenal” screamed one, and that’s a load of crock. “Fed-up Henry casts doubts over Arsenal future!!!!” (exclamation points mine) yells Guardian football, and it’s only within that you learn that this gem of a headline is based on that piddling disclaimer. I’ll  believe that Henry is leaving when he says it, not before.

Henry is frustrated with the Arsenal season, yes; and part of it has to stem from his absence at a critical point in the season. Van Persie’s metatarsal played its part as well; so while Henry can pout all he likes, we haven’t had the dice rolls to give us the best results. Our Champions League exit was disappointing; however, I feel that sides which lose CL finals somehow falter easily the next time round. Look at Liverpool’s tame exit in ’06.

So to put it frankly, we’re gonna see Henry around for at least a season. What happens in this season will tell if Arsenal have used this period well to get together a coherent playing style. Also vital are the transfers; what Wenger brings in this time could well spell out the future. Man U, Chelsea, Liv’pool, even Spurs are competing like Christmas-time mall-shopping ladies and Arsenal looks like the token male. Our only signing so far has been Lukasz Fabianski, a Polish keeper, who is slotted as Lehmann’s successor when the Mad One goes blind by the light shining off the bald pates of our back four. In Wenger fashion, it is also aimed at keeping Lehmann on his toes and committed( not that committed ). It would seem weird to lose out to Fab-2 ( Cesc is Fab-1 ) while you’re making claims of being German no. 1. 

And in news not so hot off the press, Chelsea have signed Pizarro from Bayern and Man U have gone for Nani, Anderson, Owen, Anelka and the Sepp Blatter( “I’m happy to be here till 2011”,he said) . Spurs got Gareth Bale, a marauding wingback who talked about how he loves Arsenal and then snubbed for Spurs. Ah, the PR that youth do. We’re apparently looking at options all over the world, but what we need is some bolstering experience in defense, a versatile winger to give us some width, and a good diver. Right now our width is that of Posh’s derriere. And we’re the team most fouled against, which is a nauseating stat. How many times have we seen Bert in 1v1 vs the keeper? Bert probably keeps track of the matches played by penalties taken. “Chelsea was the bottom right corner, West Ham was the left…no, right…center? yeah, center.”…

And it’s 1-0 to the English against Brazil in the friendly. Beckham curled in the free kick and Terry headed it in. Look for lots of self-back-patting from McClaren if results persist, though knowing Brazil, it’s not over by a long shot. “Long shot? Where?” says Lampard, but he’s having a bad day. Becks, Terry, Gerrard and Owen seem to be keeping them alive.

Anyways, this post is done. Look for more enlightening commentary on offseason transfers and Julio’s tearful reunion with Fabio Capello, on Arsenalysis.

It’s hopefully boom time this season, and I’m not talking about the monsoons.


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