Another day,another season.

And with the FA Cup action last night the English football for the season comes to an end. This is not a season that Wenger would like to remember; we started off well but stumbled and then narrowly avoided dropping out of the Big Four. Given our resources in the latter half we were stretched to have this result; the trophy board is bare for the season, and now we look forward to the next one. Hopefully, the team has achieved some measure of chemistry after the exodus of talent, and I expect at least second place from Arsenal next year, plus one Cup. Our youngsters are improving every match they play, and I believe that it would do us good to focus on one trophy next year; whether that’s CL or PL. Chasing triples proved too much for Chelsea and Man U, so I’m not putting out any great hopes next season. We have to win a trophy, attract talent and bolster our squads.

Arsenal’s chief magnetic factor for European talent is our semi-continental style of play and I’m surprised that more upcoming Mediterranean prodigies aren’t knocking at our door. We’ve been linked with Ribery and Malouda, and also the Ajax striker Huntelaar. Arsenal blogs are pontificating everywhere about the changes to be made. My money’s on Ribery to be part of the team as we need someone pacy and good at crossing out on the wing; width is something we lack presently. Strikers are not what we need; a good winger and a stronger defense would help us best at the moment. Quite a few players might leave us at this time; Poom, Flamini, Hleb, Baptista, Reyes, and maybe even Ljungberg.

<RANT> It would do my heart good to see Gallas leave as well; he hasn’t gelled too well with the team. Why he keeps shooting his mouth off at the youngsters is beyond me; he’s not spouting any original words of wisdom there. He knew what Arsenal was like when he agreed for the trade; he knew that we would need time for the youngsters to find their footing. Any time you have changes, you have a period of readjustment. Plus he hasn’t been stellar anyway; he cites the World Cup as being the reason, but you don’t see Henry, Rooney, Ronaldo complaining a lot. France’s loss must have hurt but when you’re as experienced as Gallas is, those arguments lose their cutting edge. Whatever happens, though, you need to keep this stuff within the team. Spouting off to the media just creates more pressure on the young ‘uns which they don’t need. They’re pretty mature soldiers with good heads on their shoulders 😛  <RANT >

And yeah, Chelsea won. Drogba scored. I’d never thought I’d see long ball games from the top two of the EPL but there you have the FA Cup in a nutshell.

Till next season, then. Keep the faith, Gunners.


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