Wayne to go, Rooney

Credit is due to Man U for keeping it together despite their back four being more like the back door. Kaka (i’m too lazy for the accents, pardon)  showed his stuff with two goals , one fed by the ever dangerous Seedorf, as usual. I like Seedorf as a player in that he’s the sneaky passer and playmaker, setting up the others with splenderiferous assists. Ronaldo gave Man U the starting whinny by making Dida back the ball into his net, and his twin awards  have done him good( three he says actually, one for the Most Beautiful Diving that reached him the same night ), but Milan was never to be denied their share.

Leave it up to Rooney, then, who doesn’t have Ronaldo’s ball gymnastics but can make the easiest of shots with ease…Boom, Boom  just like that. That too in injury time, followed by the inevitable Rooney-love. He’s the player to watch out for.

Now Man U simply have to not lose to progress, so say the English media. Err…it’s an away game for Man U next, so the ‘just’ isn’t as easy in San Siro. Milan are going to lay it on thick, and Man U will be happy to get a draw. And score at least 2 goals.

Chelsea and Liv’pool go head-to-head and that’s one been of the trash-talkiest matches with Rafa and Jose going at it…you can hear the hmphs ring.

All’s quiet on the Arsenal front. Cesc says he’d like to go to Spain once he finishes his contract with us. Madrid have some interest in him, but again all smokey speculation. Go Arsenal…zzzz.


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