Good boye Lehmann?

More than a week since I wrote the last post and so I figured I’d fire up ye olde blogge while I download some manga. Can’t say I was too happy with the Spurs draw a few days ago, but considering the way we were going in the first half, a 2-2 was beyond my expectations. Arsenal played beautifully for the most part – it was again a number of chances for us vs a few less for Spurs. Difference was, and a really great difference, that we scored off free kicks. Normally Arsenal free kicks have me heading to the kitchen for refills but this was different. Two free kicks, two goals – one cleverly snuck in by Toure, who deserves it after all his ceaseless running, and a header by Adebayor who finally got the ball under control to beat Robinson comprehensively.

Fabregas was magic as usual, although why Ljungberg played with his hamstring was a mystery and Arsene admitted his error after the match. We did come away with the draw, though we could have had the win but for our misses once again. What irks me is not the speculative attempts, but the goalmouth debacles. Eboue made a beautiful dribbling Sunday morning walk into the Spurs goal, tried to put it in at the far post, and the ball rebounds, and all Addy has to do is administer the tap o’love but he skies it from 10 yards out. Baptista of course has made a career out of missing and he managed to put a header wide with Robinson nowhere near. Was he attacked by a goal as a kid?

4-2 anyone? That’s the main issue; even if our defense concedes a few, our guys miss chances like Woods misses the three-inch putt. If our offense is firing on all cylinders, I would be willing to overlook the defense; with that many goals we could bring the keeper to tears. Speaking of defenses, Lehmann was pure lousy. I’ve been giving him the benefit of the doubt so far, but his keeping has undoubtedly deteriorated and he’s not the mad genius he was, just mad it seems. His antics at the corner were instrumental in the first goal, and what was up with the charge during the Spurs end rush? I don’t fault him too much for the second goal, that was pure Genas. Damn, I want Arsenal to score goals like that!

Anyways, it seems Arsene too didn’t like his performance much; for him to say it publicly means he’s really pissed. It’s a sign, I think, that Lehmann is not going to be with us any longer; a lot of names are being bandied about but we’ll have to wait for the dust to settle. Solid keeping at the back would give our squirrelly back four some confidence.

The title race is still hot, and it’s going to be entertaining all the way. Man U must win the next three games to clinch the title on goal difference, and Chelsea has tough games, one of them against us. We’re firmly in 4th spot with a 9-point lead over Bolton and Everton. Liverpool are 4 points ahead and look to be coasting for the remaining matches. Our only chance at 3rd spot is for us to win two more games than they do, so they need to lose two and we need to win all. Tough prospects, but it’s never over till Baptista sings.


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