Some respite, but a long way to go

Well, we at least broke the hex that’s been dogging us. Not the never-score-a-goal hex, but its close twin never-score-a-goal-and-concede-one. I haven’t seen the game myself so this is going to be a short post. What I gather from the A.B.C. ( Arsenal Blogging Community) is that the game was rather lacklustre with neither side really going for it. So we didn’t play our trademark beautiful losing soccer, just some ugly drawing soccer. I have the suspicion that Arsenal badly wanted a draw rather than go for a win. Can’t argue with that, but thank Everton for drawing Bolton thanks to Vaughan’s strike in the second half, thanks to sloppy defending by Bolton. I’m thankful, as you can see, and so is Arsenal.

Our Champions League spot is still in the balance, and we’re scheduled for a home Bolton and an away Spurs game. Now I’m the optimistic, walk-on-clouds sort of Arsenal fan, but I’m not too enthused for the next two weeks…how are we gonna score goals? At this point I’ll even take Diaby’s lampard and Gallas’s groin push. How ’bout we give the Beast a pair of horns and make him head?



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