We need a win bad

We need a win really bad. But it’s not just meant to be, it seems. I could blame Arsenal all I want, but in the end it’s just the same tired rhetoric over and over and over! The 1-0 loss to West Ham, a team that’s struggling to get out of relegation, was the pits. As usual, Arsenal played beautifully. I thought a 3-0 was not too inconceivable given the way we were playing. 5 shots on goal within the first five minutes, and even after that we kept testing and probing them. And they just had to get that one shot on goal in extra time of the first half to score, and held on to that to win. This is called winning, and Arsenal need to recall that feeling.

Adebayor is clearly not enough now because he can’t just convert. He can’t hit home…it doesn’t matter how good you running up to the box, if you don’t score all that time was wasted. Granted that Green played like King of Keepers today; but if you can’t put one in after so many runs, you deserve to lose. You can rely on your defense only so far; it’s the offense that has to work!! We’re a team that all others know how to deal with; defend like crazy in the first half as we attack, then play the long ball up the field and hope the striker beats Gallas or Toure or anyone, to put it into our net. Then hang back and stifle the counterattacks.

I know now that we only have a prayer of scoring if we break. Any built-up play is damn near useless; none of the midfielders can test the keeper with any long range strikes, nor can Addy or Baptista or Ljungberg put one in. Cesc came damn close several times but we don’t want to hear how the ball missed by inches anymore. Our strikes are either aimed at the keeper or at some spectator in the background. When was the last long shot that went anywhere near goal? Please, please however ugly it might be, we need some winning goals! Then again, not something as ugly as Gallas ushering in the ball at Liverpool with his groin.

I would be normally praising Arsenal for really beautiful soccer; the build-ups were poetry and for a moment it was like the Arsenal of old; a fast, hungry pack of predators running wild over the pitch. Ah, good times. I guess I have to thank our guys for showing me that. I think I’ll have to wait for the next season for all the clouds to pass.

Somebody remarked on Arseblog that our season died when RVP struck against Man U. Post-RVP, Season RIP. Heh. Couldn’t resist that.


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