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We have ho-hum weeks and then we have dynamite weeks, it seems. The Champions League has heated up with mixed results. Liverpool beat PSV Eindhoven as was expected, but 3-0? They just went to town on them and it’s as good as settled unless Alex manages to conjure up some miracle quartet of goals at Anfield. They’re on a roll at the moment and that promises good fights soon. Man U & Chelsea though got a few hiccups in their European adventure. AS Roma, always a strong side, beat Man U 2-1. If not for Rooney getting that all-important away goal, we could have safely ruled them out – as it stands, Roma need to score at least one and hold Man U to one, and it’s not gonna be easy. But against Man U it never is.

Chelsea too didn’t have the best of performances with Valencia scoring their away goal and Didier Drogba, as usual, saving Chelsea’s ass. He should get a medal for ass-saving at the end of the season. Maybe Mourinho could gift him one when he leaves? Now Chelsea has to score 2 aways to seal the tie. Would love to see them bite the dust but it’s Chelsea. They come through at the last moment so Valencia won’t be letting up till the whistle blows. Whoever wins, though, it’s gonna be fun.

As for us, it just doesn’t let up, does it? The Mirror and the Sun are all trumpeting Henry’s impending release to Barcelona in return for Eto’o. I don’t put much stock in rumors( last year, if you believed the papers, he had signed his soul over to Barca) so till Henry says he’s gone, it’s life as usual. As for the trade, if it actually occurred, I would be sad to see Henry go, but Eto’o would fit over with Addy nicely. So now on to the game against West Ham, and Arsenal have to win this. Eboue is out; no probs there, and Gilberto is back in; that’s a big relief. We sorely missed his presence at Liverpool and I don’t want to see Lehmann diving this way and that now that Gil’s here.  I’ve given up making predictions but as always, hoping for the Arsenal redemption.


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