Baptista to stay on for 10 years

In what is acknowledged as a great move by Arsenal manager Wenger, Baptista has been signed for a 10-year contract. Apparently, the fact that the Beast could miss from point-blank range against Liverpool yesterday convinced him that Julio deserves to stay at Arsenal. Arsenalysis caught up with the squad for this all-exclusive interview.

“That was the greatest miss I have ever seen. Only Fabregas’s miss comes anywhere near that! And it was Baptista who even gave him that chance to miss when he could have missed the goal himself! That shows me he’s the most unselfish of all the strikers.” raved Arsene.

Most of the players had no comments on this development. Gallas was not interviewed for want of time.

“He faltered a bit at the start when he scored those goals at Anfield earlier but now he’s adjusted to the Premiership and has started missing regularly. Having a player like him in the squad could benefit our young ones a lot! Among all our guns, he’s our cannon. No wonder he’s called the Beast. He’s so wild with his strikes!”

“Real can have Reyes forever. Look forward to hearing him roar throughout our next 10 seasons!”.

Any comments from the Beast himself? “Meow.”


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