Bite me!

So says Arsenal as Adebayor is back and he’s the first of the Gunner’s lost front teeth to be replaced. Finally some football excitement in this ho-hum fortnight as they face Liverpool tomorrow at Anfield, after the internationals sucked for the most part. I’m hoping for a great game, and that is something Arsenal have not denied us so far. The rest of our striker triplet are not going to play this season; RVP has been ruled out for the rest of the season as well. Sad, but a fractured metatarsal is not something to take lightly( I’m getting the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it) and I wish our Dutch gunner a speedy recovery.

Meanwhile Addy has the limelight to himself as he will be the target guy upfront. With his speed he should be able to capitalize on the through balls ; he would’ve blasted the through ball that won us the game at Reading. (I’m looking at you, Diaby! Hell, Lampard called it the best deflection goal he’d ever seen). He’ll also bring some much-needed confidence to our wavering midfielders who’ve had to play as strikers till now.

A lot of matches tomorrow and it’s not surprising given the two weeks off, but Sunday is curiously devoid of any; just three matches. Man U and Chelsea have cakewalks for breakfast tomorrow but given their position Man U is not going to slack off here. And as for Arsenal, this game will go mightily towards deciding third spot. Let’s hope Addy will be spot on( I’m punny today) and Liverpool, bite us if you dare. 🙂

P.S. can you spot the football deprivation in this post?


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