And bite us they did


Almost can’t bring myself to write about this but maybe it’ll be good therapy. Liverpool, or more appropriately Crouch( what an apt last name for a guy who’s 6 ft. 7.)  just put the nails in Arsenal’s coffin for this one. 4-1 the score and I wonder if it’s going to get worse against Man U and Chelsea. Our guys never looked in control save for a few brief displays from Adebayor. Addy did do his best but one of his curled grounders struck post and his superb header was turned away. All credit to him, but then we never had a chance once Crouch got his third in.

Crouch was the deciding factor all the way through. Sure, the deliveries and midfield work was great but it was his’s height and his dogged pursuit of ball.  Arsenal’s defense simply could not cope and for a few moments after the 4-1 I even felt there was going to be a fifth. Our defense has been pathetic; without Gilberto in the back shoring them up, our guys just went to babe-in-the-woods mode. Crouch in particular was their holy terror, and his hat-trick was well deserved.

And among the not-so-deserving, Baptista needs to go, now. What else can you say to a guy who can’t even put in a straight strike on goal? A beauty of a pass, with him unmarked , facing the goal, and the guy freaking misses. By a mile. A pug-ugly attempt to curl the ball into the far corner. I mean, all he had to was slot it away…just put it in the damn goal! Why was he even there anyway? They should have played around Addy with him in the centre front and Baptista having to pass it to him. It would have given us the lifeline we sorely needed. We pulled one back when we forced corners twice, and there was a glimmer of hope. Even the relentless Arsenal hater Andy Gray said so. But no, we want to gift Crouch his hat-trick. Muy pathetico.

Liverpool deserved this victory as they played for it from the start. The pressure they piled up was really a thing to watch and Arsenal’s cool and calculating posse was dozing and paid for it, and even after that they couldn’t muster the famous Arsenal come-from-behind goal. Inept is the sole word and Wenger will have some stern words for our defense and hopefully the pink slip for Baptista. It’s time to get Real, and give Baptista back.


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