No action this week…

…and I’m bored. There’s not much to do to fill the weekend, and the lack of matches doesn’t help. Got home too late last night to watch the Italy England U21 match though from what I read it was a pretty good one. Nor can I get my usual Bundesliga fix because Neo Sports along with all the other local channels is fully focused on the cricket World Cup. I don’t understand why they’d bother:

India have all but crashed out. Even if Bermuda were to pull off a miracle and beat Bangladesh to take India into the Super 8 ( then again, the prayer power of India is not to be underestimated )  the level of cricket that India have shown is certainly not top-class. Their opening defeat to Bangladesh still rankles. This is a team born of a fractured mandate; they’re not playing with the hunger that characterized the 2003 team which went all the way till the finals. Dravid unfortunately has never been captain material; he’s smart, cool, collected, but doesn’t show the requisite aura of leadership. His own performance has been so-so and his captaincy awkward. His mule-headed decision to stick to Sehwag paid off poorly vs Bangladesh, and we’re ruing that to this day and possibly the next four years. Loyalty towards your player is admirable but only till so far; your loyalty towards the team should be far more.

Anyways on to our favorite boys and they should be taking advantage of the relative lull in action. Some still have to play in the upcoming internationals like Rosicky, Senderos etc. They should use this downtime to figure out their tactics against Liverpool. The Reds have looked pretty strong and I don’t think that with our own gaps we’re gonna be repeating that 6-2 result. Baptista scorched them pretty badly then, but with his current inability to score the Reds should be focusing on the other playmaker. That’s right, Adebayoooooooor’s back! I’m looking forward to his pacey runs. Finally we have back a striker capable of scoring, of actually shooting a rocket into the goal. Fabregas & Co. have played beautiful football no doubt, but Adebayor should put the exclamation mark on that pretty prose. Dare we say 3-2?


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