Long time no post

It’s been some time since I posted; credit it to my starting a new job. It’s been 3 days now, and it’s a fairly good job as well. Got some lee time here, so might as well post my thoughts.

Arsenal finally won a match against Reading at home. With the squad being depleted, it was not going to be an easy game, but fortunately Arsenal managed to control the match throughout. The youngsters showed off their energy, if not their skill. The first half was full of chances, but they were too shaky in front of goal as usual; Fabregas missed probably the easiest goal of all time when Baptista passed the ball to him in front of goal with the keeper beaten. Not the best of performances for him as he went off with slunk head at the first half whistle.

Second half showed some more promise, and Clichy finally got the one Arsenal wanted when he made a superb Energizer-bunny ( hey Duracell, here’s your mascot! ) run into the box all the way from his half, and was tripped up. Clear penalty, and Gilberto made his captain’s strike true. You could hear the collective sigh of relief. The drama was not over yet though.

More chances by Arsenal, and Baptista got his first, if a sight ungainly, goal of the season when he managed to scuttle past his man by chance and the resulting shot just sneaked past the keeper. He deserved it though, from his earlier attempt when tripped up by the keeper, but the clear penalty was denied.

Arsenal then grew rather complacent later, giving the ball away rather easily, and Reading took them up on the offer with several good chances. A corner gave them one goal back with Fabregas reflexively touching the ball into his own net; you can tell he’s not going to be happy. Lehmann followed up with some saves though; he was screaming at the incompetence of Toure and Hleb, the latter making a lazy back pass which could have easily led to goal.

Arsenal did manage to hang on till the end and beat Reading, 2-1. The win should be a tonic against PSV, where we have to win 2-0.


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