Short on ammo?

Arsenal could face trouble at the upcoming replay of the FA Cup match at Blackburn, having lost a lot of members to injury and red cards. Here’s the list.

Having Gallas, Hleb and Ljungberg on the list does improve the odds quite a bit. Clichy, if he plays, can be an excellent contributor as well, but it seems that the youngsters will have to be called into action once more; with the display they put on against Chelsea, it’ll be nice to see if they manage to plow through Blackburn’s defenses. Once is all we need. We could sit back after that and give BB a taste of their own medicine but that’s not going to happen with Arsenal.

I feel sorry for Adebayor because his grievance is quite justified; unluckily he aggravated his own case with his seemingly aggressive display against the ref and his refusal to leave. It looked worse than it really was. By some twist of FA law, he has the right to a personal hearing, maybe if he’s cool enough he can swing that in his favour. Eboue has the 4 match ban in effect, and while the tap he gave the slime Bridge was a gentle one, it’ll serve as a learning experience for him. Fortunately,Mikel’s appeal has been rejected as well, unlike some reports that his appeal was going to be granted.

Let’s see how well Blackburn deal with the young Arsenal this week.


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