Arsenal vs Chelsea Halftime Report : What a match!

A humdinger of a match I said here and it’s every bit the one I expected. Arsene fielded a young side, no Henry, Lehmann, Ljungberg to buck Arsenal up; it’s the young ‘uns day out today, and they’ve proved themselves so far at halftime. Theo Walcott at a tender 17 years scored his first goal for Arsenal, slotting the ball past the likes of Cech, with Arsenal opening the scoring at 10 minutes past kickoff.

A beautiful stringing of passes led to the goal with Walcott turning his man to score ; it was no big surprise in that Arsenal kept Chelsea in their own half for the first 20 minutes with superb offensive pressure. The young ones have decided to counter Chelsea’s experience with youthful aggression and it’s going extremely well for them.

What’s not going so well is Arsenal’s defending. The veteran Toure has defended well so far against the likes of Shevchenko and Drogba, but the defense is too prone to cry offside and that hurt them when Drogba in one of his infinitely many runs in this season receives the long ball, and coolly flicks it through Almunia’s legs. Senderos and Co. were left pleading for offside while Drogba adds another unworthy goal to his tally. What were they thinking?

Given the official rule that the official isn’t going to raise his flag till the cows come home, why wait for a decision? Just defend the goal first and let offsides take care of themselves later! As if Drogba is going to calmly wait for the offside decision to go his way. The first very ball to him, he was dashing all the way and even took a shot despite nobody even following him. Somebody give that turd his own goal somewhere in the Arctic to take shots at. We’d all be happy then.

On the whole, though, Arsenal has played really well, pressuring Chelsea a lot. I’m looking forward to the second half.

P.S. What sucks most though is the Chelsea fans’s lack of sportsmanship.Cesc was showered with paper projectiles on his two corners for Arsenal. Grow up!


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