Champions League: Arsenal lose to PSV 1-0

In what’s a surprise for Arsenal fans, Arsenal’ve gone and lost to PSV 1-0. It almost reads like the Blackburn story, except that this time PSV managed to get one in. Lehmann’s attempt at save was rather lazy; he seemed to favour his left side, and the resulting chink in his armour was enough.

Now it would be quite normal for me to blast Arsenal for not winning a match, which though certainly not a walk in the park, was easily winnable. Once more, Arsenal created all the chances, but could not convert. PSV didn’t get as many chances, but they converted, and while Lehmann tried his best, it wasn’t good enough. Good positioning is something that I feel all good keepers possess and for a veteran of his caliber, that is certainly not something you make mistakes in.Not having seen the match myself, I’ve have had to rely on the vids and the testimony of the Arsenal blogs…which is divided. The Arsenalist Muses describes it as being “just downright nasty and despicable” , while Arseblog reminds us it’s the first defeat in the 07 season and nothing to cry about as Arsenal just have to win by a goal difference of 2 at home to continue their Champions League run. I’m inclined to agree with Arseblog, but I’m worried about the Carling Cup final with Chelsea ; a draw and a loss aren’t exactly good for the morale when heading in for what could a great fight, but the absence of John Terry should weaken the Chelsea defense and allow Henry and Rosicky to breathe a little easier.

As a side note, Lehmann has blasted the EPL for having so many matches close to another, and I agree that too many matches force the players to discount some of the matches, leading to no-shows as far as beautiful football is concerned.

Look forward to the Carling Cup final then!


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